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A simple mechanic, yet delightfully entertaining! Eat dots smaller than you whilst avoiding dots bigger than you, later upgrading with new features to make it easier for you!

You gain a point and grow for every dot you eat. The round ends when you collide with a dot bigger than you. Points gained will be added to a total bank which can be used to obtain upgrades, which makes getting points easier!


  • A fully interactive Tutorial to ease you in
  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • Many upgrades providing fun and varied gameplay
  • A Bonus Bonanza! which can be activated mid-game to provide a boost to gameplay
  • Different shapes with unique upgrades suited to each shape
  • Lots of Achievements that can be obtained whilst playing, each with their own unique badge
  •  Beautifully crafted Color Themes that change the colors of gameplay
  • A Prestige system that allows you to restart a shape with an increased challenge
  • A detailed Statistics page for each shape to keep track of your progress
  • Over 100 hours of gameplay
  • Completely FREE, always

Whether you're playing for 5 minutes or for hours at a time, this game utilises a simple mechanic at it's core that can provide easy entertainment for all ages.

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